Pre-course Reading

Dear Parents,

According to Thomas Friedman from his book in ‘The World Is Flat’ (2007), he pointed out that in the world that is digitized and surrounded by algorithms, Math lovers will always have career opportunities and options. Science is a process of figuring out or making sense and mathematics is the science of concepts and processes that have a pattern of regularity and logical order.

Today’s children must not only know the concept of applying Math but also have the tools and prior knowledge to solve a problem. Children must not only know learning theory behind Math but also must have a positive attitude and belief that they can do any problem sums with problem-solving abilities.

Today I am going to introduce all of you to the Bee-Bot which is an award-winning programmable floor robot. It can be used as a technology tool in class to help students to focus on Mathematical ideas, to reason and to solve problems in many ways.


Bee-Bot can be used for many Mathematical concepts of number and operations; measurements; data analysis and probability. This is how Bee-bot can teach children using the five process standards:

  1. Problem solving standard – Children can discuss with each other on which directions should the Bee-Bot move and problem-solve the directions.
  2. Reasoning and Proof standard – Children can experiment out with the movements of the Bee-Bot to achieve their objective they have set in the first place.
  3. Communication standard-Children need to work in a pair or a group of four to move the bee-bot in all the mathematical activities. This process will help them to discuss on which directions the Bee-Bot  must move which enhances their language skills as they use vocabularies like left, right, forward and back.
  4. Connections standard – Children can understand how mathematical ideas interconnect and build on one another to produce a coherent whole. For example: Children can actually learn about numbers but at the same time they can also learn about directions as they need to figure out on how to make the bee-bot move.
  5. Representation standard – Children can actually creating the directions the Bee-bot can move in a piece of paper and use this data to solve problems.

Bee-Bot can be used for teaching many useful Mathematical ideas. I will like to share with you a video on one of this Mathematical idea as following:


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