Day 6:28/9/2013- What have I learn from these six days?

Mathematics is an excellent vehicle for the development and improvement of a person’s intellectual competencies.

I don’t care of what my teachers actually taught me in class. The most important thing is that I am an Early Childhood Educator now and I have great responsibilities in teaching my students the right ways of doing Math. After attending class for six days, it really make me think that if I just teach concepts only, it will less benefit my students thinking abilities. It is better to teach my students concepts with problem-solving abilities.

In class, as a student myself, I find it fun to learn Math’s concepts in an interesting way. I really liked the  Numeracy game of ‘Card Trick’, the count down of ‘bean’ game, using tangram to create rectangle and square, geoboard, finding different ways to do addition, subtractions, multiplications and divisions and playing the  ‘Salute’ game. Since I have such fun learning Math, I feel that I should also give my students the same experience!

Here are my learning goals for my students:

  • enable each child to develop skills and understanding needed for adult life
  • provide the mathematics needed for the study of other subjects
  • help each student develop appreciation for and enjoyment of mathematics and its importance
  • provide a powerful means of communication

Here is something fun to share with everyone! Love Math


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